The Zipline is a type of terrain in Broforce and The Expendabros. Only players are able to use it.


When a zipline is grappled on by jumping onto it, the player will be automatically slid to the lower end. While sliding, the players are able to use their attacks/specials freely. Pushing the movement button opposing the slide will interrupt the slide and starts climbing.

While using a zipline, players are vulnerable and should they get killed, they will fall off instantly. Pushing down while on a zipline will cause the player to drop from the zipline.

If a zipline is horizontal, the player will move to the other side while jumping onto it by default, but when sliding in an opposite direction they still must climb. E.G. If you are sliding right, then moving left means climbing and vise versa.


  • There are two types of ziplines in Broforce: The Terroist Version and the Hell Version.
    • Their difference is aesthetic. While sliding down a Terroist Zipline, yellow sparks will appear, while sliding down the Hell Zipline, there will be flying blood drops.
  • With correct timing and speed it is possible to glitch inside the Rail Fortress, which makes the boss battle easier.
  • At each end of the zipline, the block is always a steel block, which means that ziplines are indestructible.
  • In The Expendabros, electricity poles has their wires serving as completely horizontal ziplines, and a platform to stand is no longer a steel block but a piece of invincible wood.