Name Warlock
Type HellEnemy
Attacks Summons Engorged Mooks and tosses them at bros
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookwarlock

mooks/warlockportal (see trivia)

The Warlock is an enemy in Broforce. It is only found in Hell during the campaign.


This demonic wizzard raises engorged mooks from the dead to hurl them at the bros like a projectile weapon. These mooks don't use line of sight like other mooks but instead detect and fight the player as soon as they are visible on the screen from any angle.

In the campaign, they are found in Hell on top of tall tower-like structures where they attack the bros from a safe, high position.

Note that because of their unique AI and Line of Sight system, mook warlocks are only aggressive to the player and not villagers or POWs, of which they will not retaliate to if shot by or noticed. This does not apply to the summoned engorged mooks.

This doodad is compatible with the "OpenParachute" method from Spawn Resource and Execute Function in the level editor.


These mooks don't use the confused state because they are always aware of the player when they are on screen. Alert is always used instead of confusion. They feel Fear, curiosity and aggression/alert.


  • The portals opened by the warlocks projectile (to summon engorged mooks) can be spawned in the level editor.
  • He's basically a much more powerful version of Grenadier Mook because:
    • His tracking prevents obstruction from even steel.
    • He attacks non-stop.
Resource Name Description
mooks/warlockportal Spawns an engorged or undead mook (50% chance) that rises from the portal.
mooks/warlockportal suicide Same as above but always engorged mook.
mooks/warlockportal large Spawns a Boomer at the portal location. Used to be used by warlocks in the Beta.
mooks/warlockportal souldestroyer Spawns a Soul Catcher at the portal location. Unused in-game. Soul Catcher is missing summoning animations and so appears invisible for the first 2 seconds.
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