The WEEKEND WORKSHOP BRODOWN is a weekly Broforce level building competition run by Free Lives during Broforce's early access over Steam Workshop. Each time, a theme is imposed for the early access users.

The level creator winner gets a free Devolver Digital published game Steam key of his choice and his level is implemented on the User Generated Island of the World Campaign.

The winning decision is based on the Custom Campaign voting system during the weekend following the theme closure. The winner is announced on the following Monday.

Number Theme Beginning End Theme Description Winning Level Level Description Winner
WWB0 Michael Bayhem 11/15/2014 Build a level so filled with America, helicopters and explosions that it'd be indistinguishable from a Michael Bay film.

I know this sounds like "Just make a normal Broforce level". But we're asking you to go the extra mile. If you're confused, think to your self: "What would Michael Bayhem do?" Then add some more explosions.

Mountain Knifeback Mountains, factories and Terrorists. Clean the whole Place! Gandalf the Rock Wizard
WWB1 Temple of Doom 11/21/2014 11/25/2014 Fill your level with traps! Make Indiana Brones proud! Operation Blackout!!! A game of Knifes and wit(ok and maybe a few guns) V
WWB2 Die Hard 11/28/2014 Classic democracy defiling terrorism...

Yipee ki-yay, mother- ... you know the rest.

Elevator Action For Mr. Falcon Soup Calhoun
WWB3 Cliffhanger 12/05/2014 Scaling the highest peaks for 'MMMurica...

Climb valiantly to the top of your vertical level and become a virtuoso of liberation!

Mount Brolympus One Wrong move and you will plumet to your death. Can you manage the climb of Mount Brolympus? Elpomos
WWB4 AcBRObatics 01/09/2015 01/19/2015 Use the Bros' advanced maneuvers to scale high rise buildings or navigate treacherous jungle depths! This one's about big jumps, tough landings and riding shock waves. Panic at Razordome Use the elevators to cross the saws Soup Calhoun
WWB5 Extreme Underground 01/23/2015 Remember all those times a barrel landed on your head an exploded? Everyone does. EVERYONE.

It's time to go deep Bro's. Make your level go down, down, dooooowwwwwn! Set up over head traps and tough navigation paths - make an impact on evil. And make it a deep impact.

Azazel's Rock You found a hidden tomb.. but where does it lead to?... V
WWB6 First Contact 02/20/2015 The Broforce world has been turned downside up by the arrival of screeching acidic slime beats from outer space.

Give everyone a brosome first reveal of the unwelcome interstellar freedom smashers eg. You're crawling under an enemy bunker when you spot an ominous shape lurking in the dark; or You've just crushed 54 terrorists and you come across a strange pulsating egg... Make it creepy. Make it liberating. Make it yours.

Something in the Sewer There have been multiple reports of Terrorist activity in the area. They seem to be guarding something, Intel believes it to be some kind of new weapon. Your mission is to go in there, find this weapon, and destroy it. While you're at it, find the commander of the area, and give that sonofabiscuit what for. Godspeed Broforce agents! Bookwormbrony
WWB7 Broscension 02/27/2015 03/09/2015 Our bros of liberty and justice have found themselves trapped in a deep cave. They don't know what's ahead of them, but they know going up means getting out.</span>

We want to see you guys using the background art! Take your pick of enemies - aliens or dogs or traps or mooks or all of them. Start your level low and go high, make those explosions look even more awesome with rad backgrounds. VOTE ON GAMEPLAY AND AESTHETICS!

Underground Double Towers Wellcome to the caverns of Broom! 

Our Broforce team has awakened misteroiusly in theese caves infested with enemies...Show them how the light of freedom and justice shines even underground as you work your way to the surface!!! Go, go, go!!!

WWB8 Chain Broaction 03/16/2015 You hear explosions above and you see earth itself falling down on your head. he only question is, "Is there any exploding paraphernalia that's going to fall on me?"

Make chain reactions in your leve!lSo the first thing you might be thinking is "Propane tanks! Awesome!" Think outside the propane tank, bro. Barrels, traps, falling boulders, mook doors, scaffolding, huts or even throw a suicide mook in to get things started (but propane is fully allowed). VOTE ON GAMEPLAY AND THE CHAIN REACTIONS! Make it fully loaded and ready to explode, but don't break the game dudes.

Through the Restless Land Memorize the path, don't shoot like a fool, don't doubt and be as fast as careful with Cherry or Beatrix and your only one life... ;) Radiar
WWB9 Melee Mayhem 03/27/2015 04/06/2015 Cater your level to the strengths/weaknesses of an individual melee bro or use all of them!

Use Bronan to crunch down in victory or slice wildly into hundreds of mooks with The Brode or punch your way to liberty with Mr Anderbro! DO IIIIIIIT!!!

Kill Skill, Bro CaffeineDude
WWB10 Bro World X 04/10/2015 04/27/2015 Dark days have fallen in the world of Broforce. The lands are suffering from a great evil. There are only a few (actually twenty six) heroes who can save the planet.

Build a scripted campaign of three levels, invent plot twists and make your story go down in history! Use triggers, cut scenes, movie references - now is the time open the veins of your imagination and let your creativity gush forth (within a three level space so don't flood your room with that creative goo). Use the doodads, parallax and backgrounds to create the feel of your story. And go!

Crowd Control A group of terrorist have managed to get their hands on some aliens and are planning to use it for world domination.Those fools don't know what those aliens are capable of.knock some sense into them before it's to late. mcpjb