Rambro (Villager)
Name Villager
Type Villager
Attacks AK-47 Assault Rifle
Health 2 attacks (base form),

1 HP (armed form)

Blood Red
Featured in Broforce, The Expendabros
The Villager is an NPC who can be recruited as an ally by using the melee command near them. They come in female or male variants.

Captured villagers can also be recruited.

The female might be a reference to Co-Bao interpreted by Julia Nickson in Rambo: First Blood Part II.


Villagers will ally with you if you run up to them and hit the melee button. A symbol will appear above them when you get close, letting you know that you can ally them. They will then automatically pick up a gun and follow you.

They will shoot at any enemies they see and automatically path-find through the level. As a bonus, they seem to act on the player's movements, or lack there of, such as waiting for the player. There is no limit to how many you can recruit at one time, or overall throughout the course of a level.

They, however, usually die relatively quickly, since the game is extremely chaotic.

They have tactical use, even if they die quickly. They can be used as both meat-shields and support.


Name Golem
Type Villager
Attacks AK-47 Assault Rifle
Health 1 HP
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce
Are humanoides tortured by demons, they are only found in the Hell Missions.


A glitch exists where dead villagers can be recruited- so long as the villager has not yet been recruited or the body destroyed, you will still be able to revive and recruit them with your melee.

A villager appear when destroying a crucified skeleton.

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