Vehicle is a type of Doodad in the games Broforce and The Expendabros. They are immune to Fear, Headshots and Curiosity.

Missile Tank

Assault Tank


The Missile Tank will, upon detecting a bro, begin firing sets of four destroyable rockets which move pretty slow but will track him.


The Terrokannon is a tracked vehicle fitted with a big red canon that shoots mooks after seeing a Bro. It's one of the most toughest enemies to counter, in terms of everything, and for a vehicle of it's size.

Spawn Truck


Spawn Truck

The Spawn Truck rolls on the scene and then begins to dispense a fixed number of mooks (Regular or Suicide ones) unless it is destroyed before finishing.


Attack Helicopter


The Terrorkopter has a chain gun at the bottom and occasionally drop bombs. It's rotors would chop those who jump into it like other choppers.


The Drilling-Mook-Depositor drills the ground until it reaches the surface and will spawn a fixed number of mooks unless it's destroyed beforehand. If a Bro gets in the way they will be killed.

Artillery Truck

The Artillery Truck is a vehicle which deploys a canon to bombards its environment, with mortar shells.


The Ceiling-Mook-Depositor is a vehicle which falls from the ceiling if a bro comes close to deploy Regular and Suicide Mooks. It will crush any bro that gets in the way. No mooks jump out if it's destroyed beforehand.