Super Trigger Bradmin
  • I am Male

For some reason I can't name myself SUPER-TANK, so I made myself a weird name.

You can just call me Tank.

I was searching for a community containing info for this awesome game Broforce on Fandom, and ended up here.

Now it's my passion to renovate here, and bring anything new for everyone to know.

Do note that Broforce is probably on it's last update and will not get anything new, so I'm just here to archive facts.

Ironbro Record: Beaten Ironbro Hard

It's a long and tedious process and yet there aren't many people who made it.

Once I've beaten Satan's True form, there are only 2 bros left.

I can tell you that, carelessness in the first few regions and Satan's deathfield are the two life-takers.

God speed you get past that with no harm. The deathfield is the hardest thing that I've lost most lives on.

My favorite Bros

Favourite Bosses

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