The Undead Mook is a demon encountered in the hell campaign.

Undead Mook
Name Undead Mook
Type HellEnemy
Attacks Rifle doe 1 HP damage, range is 12 blocks
Health 3 HP, but revived until body is destroyed
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookundea


An undead mook has the same behavior as a normal mook except that:

  • It always revives after dying until its body is destroyed or is damaged by an attack that uses stealth kill animation.
  • It has a faster reaction time and rate of fire than living mooks.
  • It can't be flayed by Brodator's melee attack, however his fire command can impale him, being rather useful against him as impaled bodies cannot revive until the effect is gone.
  • Brochete's melee attack causes the mook to disappear due to a glitch. However it's killed anyways. It also counts as a stealth-kill animation attack.

These mooks only appear in the Hell levels in the campaign but can be placed in any theme with the level editor.


  • It is possible to drive away the evil spirit that makes the Undead Mooks reviving all the time. To do this, kill an Undead Mook, revive the Mook with Broniversal Soldier before the evil spirit does, then the spirit will be gone forever.
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