Trent Broser
Name Trent Broser
Parody of Trench Mauser
Released 5 August 2014
Featured in The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger expendabros/trentbroser
Blood Red
Weapon MPS Auto Assault-12
Special Air strike
Melee Knife

Trent Broser is a playable character from the run 'n gun game The Expendabros.

He is a parody of Trench Mauser portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Expendables 3.



  • Fire command:MPS Auto Assault-12
  • Deals penetration if not obstructed and knock back against certain enemies.
  • Bullet paths can sway and can occasionally hit higher/lower altitudes.
  • Can headshot.
  • Damage: About 11 damage at point-blank and about 4 damage at long range.
  • Range: 11-12 blocks.
  • Rate of Fire: About 5 shots per second. Can be increased to continuous.
  • Special command: Airstrike
  • Throws a beacon that disappears after a few seconds, summoning five air strike missiles near where it exploded from the top left of the screen.
  • The beacon causes fear when it explodes is a puff of harmless smoke
  • Can kill Trent and explodes corpses.
  • Ammunitions: 3.
  • Damage: About 25 damage per missile.
  • Range: Can be thrown about 11 blocks horizontally. Missiles travel until they collide with something.
  • Melee Command: Knife.


  • His special is the same as Brodell Walker's.
  • Strangely, when he is very close (In particular, if you observed carefully, it's when his gun passes through the door without opening) to a closed door and he's facing said door, he can shoot through it without breaking the door. This is advantageous as enemies cannot see through a closed door.
  • Trench Mauser is not a part of the Expendables team, but instead, he's a rival (More like a competitor) of Barney Ross. Through occasionally he appears out of the blue to support them as well.


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