The Brute
Alien(2)uturn sol
Name The Brute
Type Alien
Attacks charge
Health 75
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/zalienbrute

The Brute is an uncommon alien opponent encountered in Broforce.


  • It is a much larger variant of the regular Xenomorph that uses its size and brute force to charge and ram into nearby Bros, dealing heavy damage, as well as decimating terrain in a matter of seconds.
  • Unlike most other aliens, it cannot climb walls/ceilings nor it can jump thanks to it's weight. This also causes it to take fall damage.
  • Once it sees a player, it's reaction depends on distance:
    • If the player is close enough (about 5-7 blocks away), it immediately starts to boost and rams the player, usually resulting the player unable to react and getting gibbed as a result.
    • If too far away, they start slowly crawling to the player, creating a false sense of security. They ram when they get close.
  • It's usually very hard to take down the Brute without a lot of effort, often requiring terrain advantage, invincibility, or a lot of caution.
  • It is possible to jump over it while it's charging and ramming, though the Brute will, after a very brief delay, instantly turn around and strike in a matter of seconds, requiring multiple dodges to defeat it.
  • The Brute can be temporarily neuralyzed. Though they will not be afraid of fire. They can also be stunned if they rammed into a steel block, or by a flashbang.
  • When defeated, a distinctive moan is played and the Brute's body lay slumped on the ground. It will not be gibbed by further attacks, and in a similar fashion to the Xenomorph, harmless acid cover where they had fallen, and destroys terrain of possible.


  • As well as referencing the Xenomorphs from the Alien film series, the Brute may also be the game's interpretation of the Crusher Alien from the first-person tie-in shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • The Brute's body can be gibbed if it falls out of bounds.
  • Not exactly a glitch, but a rather funny scene. If a Brute is on two stationary rotating saw blades, and since it when getting damage it's body stands up, the Brute's will repeatedly stretch and shrink very fast, and it's body is almost indestructible.
  • The Brute and the Screecher are the only two aliens that take fall damage.
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