The Boondock Bros
Name Boondock Bros
Parody of Connor MacManus and Murphy MacManus
Released 28 December 2013
Featured in Broforce Beta, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger boondockbro
Blood Red
Weapon Dual Beretta 92FS each
Special Bro Duce or the bro that died if any
Melee Pistol whip
The Boondock Bros is a duo of playable characters in the game Broforce. They were released with an update of the Broforce Beta.

They are a parody of Connor and Murphy MacManus and il Duce portrayed respectively by Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly in The Boondock Saints film series. They are a pair of vigilantes out to rid Boston of crime and corruption.



Fire command: Dual Pistols (each) - shoots bullets, faster during enraged mode triggered by the death of one Boondock Bro. Can headshot mooks.

  • Damage: Around 1.5 damage per shot.
  • Range: 12 blocks
  • Rate of Fire: Around 6 shots per second per Bro. When enraged, the fire rate increases to over 12 shots per second. Can be maxed out to continuous.

Special command: Backup - If one of the two is dead, this ability revives him. If both are alive, it spawns their father Bro Duce, who follows the bros and automatically attacks and knifes nearby enemies. Bro Duce becomes enraged if a Boondock Bro dies, and his death also triggers enraged mode; this can be beneficial if both Boondock Bros are alive, considering both enter enraged mode when Bro Duce dies. Using Backup when all three are alive will do nothing, and will not be consumed.

  • Ammunition: 1.
  • Bro Duce's Dual Pistols: Can headshot.
Bro Duce
Name Bro Duce
Parody of il Duce
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger billyconnoly
Blood Red
Weapon Dual pistols
Melee Knife
  • Damage: About 1.5 damage per shot.

  • Range: 12 blocks.
  • Rate of fire: About 6 shots per second. When enraged, increases to over 12 shots per second.
    • Bro Duce's knife
      • Damage: 4 damage per swing.
      • Range: 1 block.
      • Rate of Fire: About 4 swings per second.
    • Range: spawned on the same block as the Bros.

Melee Command: Pistol Whip (each) - Dead enemies fall where they stand.

  • Damage: 4 damage per swing.
  • Range: 1 block.
  • Rate of Fire: About 4 swings per Bro per second.


  • Under the temporary enrage mode, caused by the death of a Boondock Bro, their speed and fire rate increase dramatically.



  • If any of the Boondock Bros/Bro Duce is killed, the game freezes the bros for a second before the player regains control.
  • It is if a player playing as The Boondock Bros is killed, another playing as Broniversal Soldier needs to revive the newest killed one in order to revive that player.

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