Name Terrorkopter
Type Vehicle, Miniboss
Attacks Bombs

Rotor Blades (When you do jump on)

Health 75 (Vehicle version) or 100 (Miniboss version)
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce

 The Terrorkopter is an enemy encountered in Broforce.


  •  The Terrorkopter has two different attacks:
  •  Bombing Run: The Terrokopter drops 4-5 bombs that deal area damage upon impact. Can be destroyed but it's usually impossible so dodge that. It will keep flying in a direction until enough bombs are dropped.
  •  Chain Gun: After each bombing run, Terrorkopter will usually attempt to reach the player's altitude. After it has successfully brought itself in a halt in altitude, it will fire after a few seconds (Indicated by a red diamond frame flashing).
  •  The bomb racks can be stood on and the Terrorkopter will not retaliate, making it easy to defeat there. 


  • The Terrorkopter was introduced in Broforce Brototype.
  • Despite it's weak enough in terms of health, many players underestimate it, and are usually killed due to carelessness.
  • It bears a vague resemblance to modern attack helicopters, specifically it's canopy.
  • If a player manages to sneak on/behind the Terrorkopter, it will not react and the players are happy to attack as much as possible.
  • Due to a bug, in the beta version MacBrover can destroy the Terrorkopter within a single TNT even though the health of this miniboss already is in far excess of the damage from a single TNT unit.
  • During the scroll down the wall of booty at the end of the game, a blade of it's main rotor is seen.
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