Name Terrorkannon
Type Vehicle
Attacks Fires a volley of 3 Mooks each burst
Health 50
Featured in Broforce

The Terrorkannon is a vehicle in the game Broforce. It is a tracked vehicle fitted with a mortar which shoots Mooks when it sees a player. It is the second boss encountered in-game.

Upon detecting a player, it shoots out three mooks per burst.

Due to being a mortar, it has a blind spot right beneath. The only threat are those suicide bomber mooks, which will often force the player to retreat until the coast is clear.


  • 2015-08-21 00002

    The old intro to the Terrorkannon

    Every group of mooks shot out is randomized, so you may get three Suicide Bomber Mooks in a row, or three Basic Mooks in a row. However you can't get anything other than Basic and Suicide Mooks.
  • Other Mooks will occasionally parachute around the Terrokannon, as long as it's still functional. But it usually doesn't lives long enough to give you too much of a trouble.
  • It is possible to defeat the Terrorkannon by destroying enough terrain to the extent that it will fall into edge of the map, instantly destroying it.
  • During the scroll down the wall of booty at the end of the game, the wrecked barrel of the Terrorkannon is shown. It still has a mook inside it.
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