Name Terrorbot
Type Miniboss
Attacks Dual Miniguns
Dual Homing Rockets
Grenade Ejector
Health 500 for the main body, 250 for each arm(Boss)
Featured in The Expendabros, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger GoliathMech

The Terrorbot is a boss in The Expendabros and Broforce.

When encountered in the Expendabros, it's invulnerable to anything besides falling out of bounds.

The best way to counter it is to stand atop of it, thus the bro can attack it will only retaliation of those grenades and reduced offense from those rockets. Or they can stand direct opposite of the robot so the missiles will have a hard time reaching the player. (Broforce)



  • Like the Terrorkrawler, the in-game intro depicts four missiles each in one missile launcher, but in-game the fire rate is only three each, six combined.
  • When one of the minigun arms or both are destroyed, they will still be shown pristine when the bot turns.
  • The sentence "What is love?" could be based on the eurodance song by the musician Haddaway with the same name. Although this is unlikely as this is a combat machine.
    • It could also be a reference to it's destructive ability, having no mercy to everyone it meets. For example, during it's encounter it arrives from the sky and seemed to completely ignore mooks standing below, as it mashes them straight away.
  • In all games, it can be defeated by letting it crushing all the ground below, and falling to it's death at oblivion.
  • It's the only boss that has minimal deformation when defeated. GR666 does not have this feature and most other bosses either turn into a burning wreck, explodes into pieces, or has wounds all over the place.
  • During the scroll down the wall of booty at the end of the game, the front armor of it's central censor array is shown with wires still attached to it.
  • Bronan's fully charged sword can stun the Terrorbot for a few seconds. If this happens, it's possible to continue this progress forever, if the player immediately starts to charge after attacking, thus when Terrorbot recovers it will be stunned again by the attack.
    • Warning: Side effects are not throughly tested. This method is still experimental.

      Death of the Terrorbot, the last boss of Human Technology.

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