A Terrain is one of the level elements in Broforce and The Expendabros. All terrain types are listed in the "TERRAIN" tab of the level editor.

List of Terrains

Type Theme(s) Health Description
AlienEarth Jungle, City 5
AssMouth City 5
BackgroundBathroom Jungle, City N/A
BackgroundBunker Jungle, City N/A change to Aeration duct in city theme
BackgroundEarth Jungle, City N/A
BackgroundFactory Jungle, City N/A Change to empty in city theme
BackgroundShaft Jungle, City N/A
BackgroundStone Jungle, City N/A
BackgroundStoneDoodads Jungle, City N/A
Barrel Jungle, City 0 The default Oil Barrel to Red Barrel ratio is 50%.

Default Propane Tank probability is 40%.

Beehive City Empty Empty
Big Block Jungle, City 9
Bridge Jungle, City 5
Bridge2 Jungle, City 5 Empty in city theme
Bunker Jungle 5
BuriedRocket City infinite used like Bro Dredd's special
CaveRock Jungle 12
Earth Jungle 5
Empty Jungle N/A
FactoryRoof Jungle 4
FallingBlock Jungle 16 fall if damaged or jumped on, but not if walked on.
HutScaffolding Jungle N/A
Ladder Jungle N/A
Pipe Jungle 3 Explodes
PropaneBarrel Jungle 0
Roof Jungle 2
Sand Jungle 2 Crumble if an adjacent Sand block is destroyed.
Statue Jungle 9
Steel Jungle infinite
Stone Jungle 5
ThatchRoof Jungle 6 to collapse, 8 to break
Tyre Jungle 10
Watchtower Jungle 2 to collapse, 16 to break
Wood Jungle 2 can be an Ammo Crate
WoodBackground Jungle N/A
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