Super Mook
Super Mook
Name Super Mook
Type Mook
Attacks Dual Miniguns
Health Infinite
Blood None
Featured in Broforce Beta

 The Super Mook is an enemy encountered in Broforce. He is basically a mook in a mech that has dual miniguns and a jetpack.


  • He is immune to headshots.
  • However, he can be affected by curiosity, and confusion can still mess up his senses.
  • He moves extremely slow and occasionally turns around like a Bruiser.
  • He can be walked on.
  • He can sustain any damage but is weak against falls.
  • Any fall within three blocks or more kills the mook inside. This was the only method to grab the mech and take it before further updates allowed the players to grab it outright in all circumstances.
  • Jetpack fuel is re-filled by ammo crates. When out of jetpack fuel it will not be able to move horizontally when jumping.


  • The Super Mook was first introduced in Broforce Beta.
  • It and GR666 are the only impervious opponents in-game. Not even Satan has such feature.
    • However, sustained fire/falls/hijacking (current version only) can kill the operator, but cannot destroy the mech itself.
  • Mr. Anderbo's special causes a glitch on him but in order for it to happen, timing must be percise.
    • Since the special deflects bullets, when Mr. Andebro hops in just as the mook operator is knocked out by the bullets, the mech becomes unusable, causing any player enters it will be forcebly ejected in a blink and should they try to fly, the mech will use it's jetpack to jump instead of flying and it's arms will also appear missing, also, it may try to randomly move around by itself.
    • This can also create a glitch that when holding fire and melee, the mech will push the player up infinitely until they release a button.
  • During the scroll down the wall of booty at the end of the game, the outer shell of the Super Mook's Armor's cockpit is seen, along with it's respective kill counter.
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