Suicide Bomber Mook
Mook(1)boom sol
Name Suicide Bomber Mook
Type Mook
Attacks Suicide (dynamite strapped to chest)
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmooksuicide

on the left side of the screen, a Suicide Mook awaits certain death

The Suicide Bomber Mook is an enemy in Broforce and The Expendabros. When provoked, they will set themselves alight and run toward a bro, exploding once they are near enough. When killed, they explode after 1-2 seconds but it's possible to delay the explosion if fired at continually. They don't damage the player if killed by an attack that can explodes corpses. His default spawn probability is 20%.


This Mook has a red bombsuit attached to his body instead of a rifle. When he sees a bro, he will yell, light the bomb's fuse, and run toward the bro. The fuse lasts for about 5 seconds. Unless the mook is evaded or killed at a distance, he will explode on contact to kill the player. When a Mook is killed, he will still explode after 1-2 seconds. 

Mr. Anderbro's fire command can knock him pretty far away before detonation if held, thus eliminating the threat. But only if he sneaked upon them. 

If they are thrown, they will explode once they land. 

An attack that gibs enemies will blow them up. 


Suicide Mooks have major reactions: Attack, Fear, Confusion and Curiosity.


This reaction is signified by an exclamation point above the mook's head; he will yell, light his bomb's fuse, and run at the bro. After about five seconds, the bomb explodes.


This reaction is signified by a screaming sound, and the Mook runs away from the source of Fear. Mooks react with Fear toward the following:

  • all grenades, including MacBrover's basic dynamite (when attached to the mook).
  • all types of fire, including B.A.'s flamethrower, Snake Broskin's molotovs, and fire caused by explosions.


This reaction is signified by spots around the Mook's head, the Suicide Mook lights his fuse shortly after. Mooks react with Confusion to the following:

  • Bro Hard's stun grenades.
  • Bro in Black's neuralyzer.


If a Suicide Mook is shot in the head, he runs around in confusion for 1-2 seconds before dying.


This reaction is signified by a question mark above the Mook's head, and the Mook moves toward the source of Curiosity. Mooks react with Curiosity toward MacBrover's Turkey Bomb.


  • Here's a video about the Life Story of the Suicide Bomber Mook. Lots of things can be seen and revealed:
    • They had a massive horde of Terrorkopters, but Broforce only met one of them.
    • All Terrorists don black ski masks all the time.
    • All terrorists that later became suicide bombers, even when they are babies, had the bomb suit on their body all the time.
    • There were mailman mooks, however they are unseen in-game. It's possible that he's a scout mook.
    • Suicide Bomber Mook and Mook General both had a cigarette on their mouth throughout their lives.
    • Because of the masks, their genders remain unknown, but since marriage occurs, it may mean that there were female terrorists, or they are homosexual (No offense).