Stealth Tank
2015-08-21 00004.jpg
Name Stealth Tank
Type Boss
Attacks Artillery Shells


Health 175
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger Walking in its area

The Stealth Tank is a Boss in the game Broforce. When triggering the boss fight, it sheds its camouflage & a general appears, mocking Broforce, he will retreat inside shortly after. Then the Broforce must face a deadly rampage.

It's general shape looks a little similar to the Terrokannon, however it does not shoots actual mooks but instead fires mortar shells.

It's minuguns have a limited rotation angle so hide in the blind spot when it's firing.

If you are lucky to get the Brominator he can use his endoskeleton to combat it heads-on while not being damaged at all.

This opponent was introduced in the Broforce Brototype.


  • Despite being a Stealth Tank, it cannot hide when it comes to combat, possibly for balancing reasons.
  • Tank Bro can drive her tank right under and fire mortar shells at the Stealth Tank while free from damage at all, and it's very very fast.
  • Due to a glitch the Tank's miniguns can have bullets exiting to a ridiculous direction (Like bending upwards when fired).
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