Skinless Mook
Name Skinless Mook
Type Mook
Attacks None (just disturbs)
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce

The Skinless Mook is an enemy in Broforce. They hide in blood rivers like Ninja Mooks hide in grass, and they can hang from chains playing dead. It deals no harm the player, instead it latches onto them, reducing their movement speed and jump height until thrown off by holding the 'C' key.


  • They are only found in the Hell section of the campaign and are mostly just used as a nuisance to the player.
  • They are immune to falling damage.
  • They are the only few enemies that deals NO damage at all to the player.
  • Like Ninja Mooks, they are usually given away by the "?" sign of curiosity
  • While they are hanging on chains, they can shake themselves, this is a cosmetic effect that reminds the players to stay away from them.
  • They can take a bullet from the back for the player, at the cost of reduced movement speed.
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