Scout Mook
Mook(4) sol
Name Scout Mook
Type Mook
Attacks None
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookscout
 The Scout Mook is an opponent of Mook type in the game Broforce and The Expendabros.

 The Scout Mook has a pair of binoculars, searching for any Bros coming to invade them. The Scout Mook is completely defenseless and can be distracted by Macbrover's Turkey Bomb.

 When the Scout Mook spots a player, he puts his binoculars up and runs around yelling "Broforce" with a special Amecican Flag speech bubble (Similar to Broheart) alerting the other Mooks that there is a Bro invading them.

 When there is an Alarm, scout mook will activate it and runs around it. Which will cause endless waves of Mooks raining from the sky unless deactivated.


  •  The Scout Mook was released in a Broforce Brototype update.
  •  They are one of the few enemies that will not cause any harm at all.
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