Riot Shield Mook
Mook(2)fail sol
Name Riot Shield Mook
Type Mook
Attacks None
Health 3 HP (the shield sustains more)
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookriotshield

 The Riot Shield Mook is an opponent in Broforce.

 The Riot Shield Mooks is unarmed without the shield. When they see a player, they become alerted but will stand there with his riot shield pointing toward the player.

 If a player fires at him, the bullets will bounce back off of the riot shield, but do not pose harm for players.

 The Riot Shield can be knocked off with prolonged primary fire. Any melee strike will also instantly throw away the shield. If the mook falls, the shield will be thrown off (and usually kills the mook). The shield pose no protection against explosions/saw blades.

 They are harmless by themselves. But if you see a bunch of other enemies, change tactics.


  • The Riot Shield Mook was introduced in Broforce Brototype.
  • Its default spawn probability is 20%.
  • A bug existed on this enemy: The bullets will still get reflected when shooting at his back (Which has no shield). This is very strange considering real-life riot shield users have almost no protection from behind. This may or may not be true.
  • Occasionally, reflected projectiles will be frozen on the screen. If they got frozen they will stay there forever but deals no damage.
    • For projectiles that carry enemies with them, it may create hilarious jokes. E.G. sending a mook slowly up in the sky.
  • Silenced weapons deal knock-back against them as long as they have she shield, unlike against most other enemies. The more rapid the fire rate, the faster they get pushed.
    • Rapid fire from behind like Snake's UZIs can quickly kill him.
  • Melee primary attacks can also remove the shield with ease.
  • When Brofessional melees the mook and stabs at the shield, the shield drops, but when he stabs from behind, it's insta-kill.
  • When they are killed and the shield drops, it will not remain and vanish after a second or so.
  • Mech's dual miniguns seemed to deal extra damage against the shield, as they can instantly knock it off in one hit.