Rail Fortress
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Name Rail Fortress
Type ExperimentalTerrainBoss
Attacks Shooting homing rockets
Health 15 for TV, 40 for turrets, 30 for other areas
Featured in Broforce

The Rail Fortress is a boss in Broforce. It's a moving platform with 6 missile turrets which moves up a rail with a TV screen inside showing Satan. It's defeated by destroying the TV screen.

It has 6 Totem Turrets, with two on each side initially visible, a hidden one is shown if one side is breached.

The only way to defeat it, as stated above, is to climb to the same altitude as it, then quickly dispose the Totem Turrets, breach the left panel, and exterminate the TV.


  • The "glitch" image shown by the screen reuses one of Free Lives' logo colors (seen on their Twitter account for exemple).
  • You can insta-kill the Rail Fortess with the Brofessional
    special attack, in which if his scan reached the TV screen, then Brotilda will easily take out the screen.
  • It will move up until it has reached the top of the rail, then it will shoot at you until defeated.
  • It's attacks can be exploited, that when hiding on one side the other side's launched missiles will hit their turrets, damaging them in the process.
  • Despite in-game intro depicts 2 mounted miniguns, the Rail Fortress features no miniguns, there are also more missile launchers than the intro.
  • Despite the intro showing the fortress is manned, there's no occupant inside.
  • This is the only boss that moves during the intro other than Satan.
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