Propane Tanks are one of the more common hazards of Broforce.

Propane tanks are activated upon damage, fire, falling or pushing them over. They will catch fire on the main body in the process, and will vibrate before it's launched.

Activated propane tank will fly in the direction it is facing after a 1-second delay, pushing smaller enemies on its way. They will fly for a limited duration if nothing prevents it from flying further before exploding (Indicated by a red flash).

Propane tanks will explode on impact when colliding with larger enemies, many vehicles, bosses, tougher obstacles such as cages and rocks, and indestructible obstacles such as steel blocks.

They will be affected by gravity before being starting to fly, but after that they will ignore gravity.


  • Riding on a Propane Tank can help getting away quickly from some enemies, but getting off before it explodes is recommended.
  • It is possible to make the propane tank fly diagonally when tipping it over at just the right moment.
  • As with other terrain and crates, they WILL be affected by the spread of fire.
    • If a minor fire is on the Propane Tank, the Propane Tank will NOT be activated until a larger cluster of flames appear, which takes some time.
  • The Propane Tank cannot be destroyed by normal damage except for anything that causes it to blow up upon impact. This means that no matter how much damage is taken, it will not blow up and will only detonate on it's own.
  • It acts as a good shield for players who are too slow to react, but it only protects from non-penetrating attacks.
  • A vertical Propane Tank is capable of destroying a Saw blade on it's own, and can destroy a Saw blade dispenser in one direct hit.
    • In fact, it can destroy ANY type of turret in one hit (Tagged as "Wall Of Guns" in the editor).
  • There's an achievement "You're Fired", acquirement requires the player to kill an enemy with the help of a Propane Tank.
  • The Propane Tank is capable of crushing everyone that it fell on.
  • It's not realistic for a Propane Tank to fly in to where the nozzle is pointed, assuming that they will leak from the nozzle, they will actually fly in the OPPOSITE direction. This might be done to prevent confusion.
  • Nothing other than Propane Tanks can take down the Megacockter, who will take five hits from the Propane Tanks before getting destroyed.
    • Additionally, Megacockter will be damaged upon contact, and does not take it's explosion damage.
  • Propane Tanks goes through weaker terrain such as dirt in a similar fashion to Tank Bro's Tank's Bunker Buster, but being significantly faster and has longer range.
  • Propane Tanks are subjects to Robocop's special, the Targeting System.
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