Here are each music type featured in Broforce, all composed by Deon van Heerden:

Level music: including Vietnam Blue Sky, Vietnam Red Sky, City, Alien Infestation, Hell and the general-purpose "A Fistful of Freedom," all of which crossfade between high and low intensity versions depending on the amount of on-screen action.

Boss Fights: There are 4 general-purrpose boss fight tracks used across the Vietnam and City levels: This Ends Now, End of the Line, Liberty or Death and An Unbreakable Force.

The Alpha Xenomorph is a boss fight track specific to the Alien levels.

We Meet At Last is a Hell-specific boss fight track, with low and high intensity variations for non-flaming and flaming Satan, respectively.

No Sympathy for the Devil is a boss fight track used for the battle against Satan in his final form.

Boss Fight Stings: Each Boss Fight track has a corresponding power metal sting, which echoes the boss fight's core melodic theme, played along with the victory screen. Only No Sympathy for the Devil lacks one, as the fight leads into a cutscene.

Title screen music: The track used from the game's full launch is entitled Choose Your Destiny.

World Map: Each level type has a corresponding piece of music which plays as the helicopter hovers over it on the world map.

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