The player controls a helicopter and select the available zone you want to do.

Levels appear in a specific order. Multiple levels can show up at the same time, but except for Covert Operations, all must be completed in order to unlock further regions.

A level cannot be restarted once it's been completed.

If the player leaves the gaming session by quitting the game itself while in a campaign zone, the next time the return the same zone, their progress will be reset to the current level

Players can travel all around the world and kill seagulls by crashing into them with the chopper, they will try to fly away from it though. The user generated island was also on this map, though it's no longer the case.

If the helicopter was controlled by multiple players, hilarious things may happen.

Arcade Campaign

It's like the Campaign, but your narrative, the helicopter, the world map, they are all gone.

Levels can be chosen freely, and the level you are currently at is highlighted in red. However sometimes it may glitch you and not highlight the level you are on.

Sometimes, several levels can be counted as a single level.

Completing the final level will reset arcade mode, and in order to access and choose levels, the player must beat one level, exit to menu, then play arcade mode. There's no icon to identify levels. Just hope you are lucky enough not to choose a hard level.

Custom Campaign

You can play custom campaigns made by the community on steam. Also, you can download levels (.bfc) and place it in the "Level" folder. Then you can go to "Custom Campaign", and play it. You can create your levels and, if you want, share it. You have to beat your levels before sharing them for balancing reasons, so don't create levels that were impossible to defeat (like a level with 2 Satans in it).

Ironbro Campaign

A very hard variant of the normal campaign. If you lose all lives you lose the entire campaign instead of given the chance to restart the level. Also, the number of POWs to rescue is the number of Bros in-game. The description has already stated that Ironbro is unbalanced for fair gameplay, thus it is most likely for even experienced players to fail it easily.

Beating Ironbro gives an achievement. Beating Ironbro on Hard gives another achievement. If Ironbro Hard is beaten before beating Ironbro on normal both will be granted simutaneously.


  • If the player fails IronBro, a blood-stained coffin covered by an American flag is shown with a rose falling down to it. Then the player is returned to the menu screen.
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