Heart of The Hive
Name Heart of The Hive
Type AlienBoss
Attacks None, but summons Baneling and Screechers indefinitely
Health 60 (heart), 33(else)
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce

The Heart of The Hive is a boss added in the Broforce Freedom Update.


  • It is a giant alien heart on top of a worm-like pillar of purple alien flesh with lots of arms which prevent the player from climbing up the pillar, fittingly located deep in the alien hive.
  • The Heart itself is a weak opponent in terms of health and does not participate directly in the battle, but Banelings (Dangerous Kamikaze air unit) will continue to spawn until it's defeat.
  • The player is able to destroy various layers of the tower(Like Satan during his final stage)on which the heart thrones untill it's low enough to be damaged or they can just jump on the various flying Baneling to get to the heart and wait for a correct opportunity all while avoiding the endless horde of Banelings and Screechers.
  • Alternatively, if the player is lucky enough to spawn Bro Dredd, his remote controlled guided missile can be used to destroy the heart from the safety of the spawn flag if it lands a direct hit on the heart without a single Baneling flying out.
  • Splash damage from explosive weapons might mean a quick win.



  • This boss is a reference to Gomeramos King from Contra.
  • Baneling attacks may also deal minor damage the heart should it scored a hit on the heart.
  • This is the last alien boss encountered during the campaign.
  • It is the boss with the lowest health in the entire game.
  • The area under the heart and above the tower of alien flesh can be climbed on and walked freely, allowing the player to take shelter against Banelings and wait until they finish the heart off.
  • Once the heart is exterminated, any remaining layer will collapse downwards.
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