Attack Dog
Name Attack Dog
Type Mook
Attacks Runs after Bro and tries to bite him
Health 1 (Dog),

15 (Super-Size-Me Dog)

Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookdog

Attack Dogs are enemies in the games Broforce and The Expendabros. Dogs were introduced in the Broforce Brototype. After eating a corpse they become Super-Size-Me Dogs. It's possible to defeat a dog when they are eating something, easier done than said.


Name Hellhound
Type HellEnemy
Attacks Runs after Bro and tries to bite him
Health 1
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce

Hellhounds are the demonic versions of attack dogs. They are possibly undead dogs; with skinned torsos and legs, and gaping maws filled with yellowing jagged teeth. However they do not revive. They have identical stats. The only difference is that, when Hellhounds ate something they do not get stronger but instead they replicate five copies of themselves. Like the attack dog, it's vulnerable both when it's eating something and when replicating itself.


Both variants of dogs are similar to Xenomorths. Being able to run fast and easily take down a bro. However Xenomorths have nothing other than it's normal attack, and their attacks are more powerful.

Like many other enemies, they are also vulnerable to a direct hit from a grenade. They are often attracted to the sound of unsuppressed gunfire and will try to eat anything edible once in sight.


  • A glitch occurs when a dog tries to eat a Facehugger. When the dog starts to eat, the Facehugger is pushed forward a bit, but the dog will not move, making it look like the dog is eating air. Due to the Facegugger taking no damage, the dog will move towards it some tme later. So it takes around half a minute for a dog
  • to eat a Facehugger.
  • A dog will only eat one thing. For example, if a Hellhound ate something, replicated itself, it will no longer eat anything, only the replicas will.
  • Facehuggers can impregnate dogs.
  • If Xenomorphs are put against dogs, the Xenomorphs will win.