Colonel James Broddock
Name Colonel James Broddock
Parody of Colonel James Braddock
Released July 3rd, 2014
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger col james brodock
Blood Red
Weapon Grenade Launcher
Special Cluster Bomb
Melee Kicks

Broddock's standing kick

Broddock's roundhouse kick

Colonel James Broddock is a playable character in the run 'n gun game Broforce. He was released in the Broforce Beta Death From Above update.

He is a parody of Colonel James Braddock interpreted by Chuck Norris in the Missing in Action film series, a Vietnam Green Beret Colonel veteran.


Fire command: Grenade Launcher

  • Damage: About 15 damage per explosion.
  • The grenade itself deals a small enough amount of damage to kill a Regular Mook upon hit.
  • Damages terrain at point-blank range.
  • Range: Grenade can be launched about 7 blocks horizontally. However he can extend it by throwing it right after firing with precise timing.
  • Explosion radius is about 2 blocks.
  • Rate of Fire: About 1 grenade per second.

Special command: Cluster Grenade

  • Launches a cluster grenade and right after it comes live, it explodes three times.
  • Each explosion creates three small bombs that are hurled upwards and unleashes three small bombs per blast.
  • Small bombs explode upon impact with anything, dealing damage as well as blowing up anything nearby.
  • Explode corpses.
  • Ammunitions: 3.
  • Damage: Over 35 damage per small bomb.
  • Range: Grenade can be launched about 7 blocks horizontally. Bombs will be launched about 9 blocks into the air before falling.

Melee command - Kick

  • Knocks foes back
  • When still: Straight kick
  • While moving: Roundhouse kick
  • While airborne : Flying kick
  • Damage: 5 damage per kick.
  • Range: 1 block.
  • Rate of Fire: About 4 kicks per second.
  • Speed: ?
  • Sprint: ?
  • Jump: ?
  • Other: ?


  • Due to a bug, he was playable before he was officially released.
    • This is shared with Cherry Broling, who was a part of the same update.
  • Broddock's outfit is taken from the first Missing In Action movie, while his grenade launcher is featured in the third movie.
  • In very early alpha stages, his weapon was a flamethrower. However, this idea was soon scrapped and the character changed to the earliest literation of Brodell Walker.
  • In-game, he was referred to simply as "James Broddock."


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