Name Chopper
Attacks None, but the rotor is deadly
Health 3 HP
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros

The Chopper is one of the main objectives in Broforce and The Expendabros. In most levels the area is cleared by touching the ladder of a Chopper, It also is one the way to begin the level along with the Truck. It can be shot down by the enemy or a bro. It seems to be based on a UH-1 Iroquois. If one was shot down during the end of the level another will arrive shortly after.

A glitch existed for the Chopper: If the player managed to get a mech and exit when they are right atop of the helicopter, the rotor blades will attack the mech but since the mech is invulnerable it will just sit there weirdly and never comes off.

1200px-U.S. Air Force TH-1 Huey

A huey, the helicopter it's based on, however the tail rotor is on the right side

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