Checkpoints are represented as a flagpole which has to be touched to activate. The ground beneath the checkpoints is completely indestructible. There are two types of checkpoints.

Small checkpoint

Sets a respawn point where new bros are spawned upon death.

In multiplayer, they can be used to bring back other defeated players if someone player activates it and those players have more lives. Also, if it was activated and players steps onto it while at least one of their fellow players are killed but still have extra lives, they will still be revived.



Mega checkpoint

When all lives are lost, the level restarts from there upon activation.

In multiplayer, upon activation all players with no lives left will be brought back to life, and will be granted an extra life. However repeated uses only revives layers who has extra lives.


super checkpoint


  • Once touched, checkpoints will hoist an American Flag.
  • Small Checkpoints is just a wooden pole, while the Mega Checkpoint resembles a radio tower.