Name Bruiser
Type Mook
Attacks Minigun, range is roughly 14 blocks.
Health 25
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookbigguy

The Bruiser is a strong opponent that carries a minigun with him.


  • When idle, he usually takes a step or two then stops.
  • It is possible to decapitate the bruiser. However one needs some elevation in order to hit his head.
  • His default spawn probability is 15% if set to spawn randomly.
  • He does not come out of Mook Doors due to balance reasons.
  • A TNT planted on him by MacBrover can destroy him instantly, provided that the Bruiser doesn't sees him so the bomb can be planted, or his special is just as useful for luring him and destroying him.
  • He has a weakness that is not shared by the Executioner, in which his minigun never covers his top half of the body so if your height is sufficient you can kill him even with a slow fire rate as his shots can't reach you.
  • Ignition and Fear can help to defeat a Bruiser easily as it stops them from firing.
  • Indiana Brones can use his whip to an extent that Bruisers within range will never retaliate.
  • Broheart's Claymore, if thrown and is within fire range, will deflect ALL the bullets, simply destroying the bruiser.


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