Name Broodworm
Type AlienGiantSandWorm
Attacks Launches Facehuggers from a distance
Chomps players if getting too close
Health 7 (left variation), 15 (right variation)
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce

The Broodworm is a recurring opponent and one of the three alien giant sand worms found in Broforce. It only appears at certain points in the game.


  • Once a Broodworm emerges, players are prompted to destroying the creature to proceed (Though with tactics it's possible to skip it completely).
  • While combating it, make sure to avoid the facehuggers shot out every few seconds and taking care to avoid its powerful bite when attacking at close quarters.
  • Like other sandworms, Broodworms are weak against grenades to the mouth. But unlike the the others, a single grenade can kill it due to low health.
  • Two variants of Broodworms are encountered in the game: one on the right of the screen and, rarely, one on the left. Visually, both Broodworms appear exactly the same, with the only difference being that both have different levels of health, with the left worm having less health than the right.


  • The Broodworm's appearance may be based on the Chestbuster from Alien film series, only much larger.
  • It is the only Alien Giant Sand Worm that is not classed as a boss in any way, and does not have legs to prevent the players from climbing on.
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