Bronnar Jensen
Name Bronnar Jensen
Parody of Gunnar Jensen
Released 5 August 2012
Featured in The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger expendabros/bronnarjensen
Blood Red
Weapon Stickybomb Launcher
Special Remotely Controlled Car
Melee Knife

Bronnar Jensen is a playable character from the run 'n gun game The Expendabros.

He is a parody of Gunnar Jensen portrayed by Dolph Lundgren in The Expendables 3.



  • Fire command: Stickybomb Launcher, stick onto enemies and terrain, exploding after a few seconds.
    • Damage: Around 27 damage per explosion.
    • Range: Land about 8 blocks away if fired horizontally.
    • Rate of Fire: 1 shot around every 0.75 seconds. Can't be maxed out.
  • Special command: Remotely Controlled car, controlled instead of Bronnar for the duration of the move. The RC Car has similar movement to most Bros, being able to move, jump, and climb walls and ladders. Pressing the fire button while the RC Car is active will cause it to explode. Causes Fear in enemies aware of the RC Car.
    • Ammunition: 3.
    • Damage: Over 35 damage per explosion.
    • Range: Can move about freely, though may be teleported back to Bronnar if it goes offscreen. Radius of explosion is 2 blocks.
    • Time Limit: Around 11 seconds.
  • Melee Command: Knife.


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