Broctor Death
Name Broctor Death
Parody of Doctor Death
Released 5 August 2014
Featured in The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger expendabros/broc
Blood Red
Weapon Knife
Special Knife Uppercut
Melee Knife

Broctor Death is a playable character from the run 'n gun game The Expendabros.

He is a parody of Doctor Death portrayed by Wesley Snipes from The Expendables 3.



  • Fire command: Knife - can be aimed with the directional buttons. Left and right result in horizontal swings, up results in a rising jump swing that acts as a second jump, and down results in Broctor jumping into the air (if he's not already) and falling back down with an attack. Each directional attack can only be used once while in the air.
    • Damage: 5
    • Range: 1 block.
    • Rate of Fire: Can be maxed out to continuous, if not moving.
  • Special command: Dash Stab - dashes forward in a line, destroying terrain and carrying any enemies he stabs with him. At the end of the dash, enemies caught are send upwards, taking damage.
    • Ammunition: 3.
    • Damage: About 5 damage.
    • Range: 8 blocks
  • Melee Command: Knife.


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