Name Brochete
Parody of Machete Cortez
Released 11 February 2014
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger brochete
Blood Red
Weapon Dual Machetes
Special Machete Flurry
Melee Organ punch

Brochete is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was included in Broforce with a beta update.

Brochete is a parody of the character Machete Cortez portrayed by Danny Trejo in the Machete film series, a former Mexican Federal that got screwed inside a political scheme and now must fight for his survival.



Fire command: Dual Machetes

  • Thrown machetes that push small enemies in their path.
  • Destroyes enemies against a wall.
  • Damage: 8 per machete that hits.
  • Range: About 9 blocks.
  • Rate of Fire: If held, 2 machetes every 0.5 seconds. At max possible firing speed, about 8 machetes per second.
  • Ignores dead enmies.

Special command: Machete Flurry

  • Throw 14 machetes in a cone whose direction can be rotated with arrow keys.
  • Can explode corpses if too many hit.
  • Brochete is immobilized for the duration but if used mid-air, he will not fall.
  • Ammunition: 3.
  • Damage: About 50 damage per machete.
  • Range: About 12 blocks in the aimed direction.

Melee Command: Organ punch

  • Brochete disembowels an opponent with his bare hands, dealing massive damage.
  • Uses stealth kill animation.
  • Can attack enemies slightly above or below, rather useful when dodging fire on ladders and punching at the same time.
  • Has a glitch that makes him able to punch enemies that were 1-2 blocks away without moving.
  • Other mooks that saw this will be Feared and will run away without retaliation for a few seconds.
  • Best used in conjunction with his primary sometimes.
  • Unlike most other melee attacks, it destroys both the shield and the mook at once.
  • Instantly kills Bruisers/Executioners.
  • Damage: Over 25 damage per attack.
  • Range: 1 block. Brochete will dash up to two blocks if possible.
  • Rate of Fire: About 4 punches per second.
  • Multiple enemies can be punched faster than a single enemy can be punched multiple times.
  • Ignores dead enemies.



  • His melee causes a glitch on Rocket Mooks and Undead Mooks: If he punches them, after death the Rocket Mook's body will be floating in mid-air and will only have the bottom half of his body (Though throwing it will rectify the glitch); while on Undead Mooks, they disappear after the punch.
  • For some reason, his melee can cause fear to the Super Mook as well.

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