Bro Lee
Name Bro Lee
Parody of Bruce Lee
Released 7 July 2016
Featured in Broforce
Blood Red
Weapon Upward Axe Kick Dash
Sideways Punch Dash
Special Slow Motion Fight Scene
Melee Uppercut Punch

Bro Lee is a playable character in the run and gun platform game.

He is based on Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon, also based on Bruce Lee, actor that portrayed him. He is a Kung Fu master.


  • Fire command: Kung Fu
  • Has multiple variations, depending how the player uses.
  • Combining up/down with fire results in an Axe Kick dash in their despective direction.
  • Using fire with left or right arrow key results in a Sideways Punch Dash.
  • Uses Nunckucks when stationary.
  • His Nunckucks can deal more damage than his punches.
  • Bro Lee can deflect bullets with his nunchuck and punches if timed correctly.
  • Special: Slow-Motion Fight Scene
  • Time is servely slowed down as Bro Lee initiates a chain of strikes.
  • Movement commands will affect where will he strike.
  • He can only strike enemies. He will not destroy anything else. Attacks can be chained in corpses.
  • Time resumes to normal once 15 strikes are made or Bro Lee missed a strike.
  • Bro Lee is vulnerble and cannot use anything else to defend.
  • Will not even start if there are no targets for Bro Lee to strike. Consumed even if it does not connects.
  • Ammunition: 2
  • Melee: Uppercut
  • Bro Lee can dash exactly like Mr.Anderbro, however the range is shorter (3 blocks). It does not deal damage nor destroys terrain in any way.


  • Bro Lee is unique on many aspects among many other Bros:
    • One of the two Bros that appear topless other than Bronan The Brobarian .
    • The only Bro using Nunckucks.
    • The only Bros with specials that affects time besides Time Bro .
    • The Bro with the most variation of fire commands.
    • The only Bro that can dash other than Mr. Anderbro.
    • The only Chinese Bro.
    • The only Bro based on a character that existed in real life.
  • He is the final Bro unlocked in-game.
  • His appearance on the game is topless with a black long pants.


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