Bro in Black
Name Bro In Black
Parody of Agent J
Released 4 September 2012
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger brononymous
Blood Red
Weapon Noisy Cricket
Special Neuralyzer
Melee Knife

Bro in Black is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was added in the game at the release of the Broforce Brototype.

Bro in Black is based on the fictional character Agent J portrayed by Will Smith in the Men in Black film series. J is an agent of the MIB secret organisation, formerly known the NYPD officer James Edwards, whose missions include keeping the public unaware of aliens and preventing hostile aliens from invading or destroying Earth.



Fire Command: "Noisy Cricket" Laser Rifle

  • Possesses heavy recoil and can bounces him into the air.
  • Explodes corpses. Can headshot (despite the explosive shots on direct-hits) and can ignite enemies.
  • Damage: Over 35 damage at close ranges and around 28 damage at max range.
  • Range: 9 blocks is how far it goes if it touches nothing. Explosion radius is one block.
  • Rate of Fire: About 3 shots per second. Can be maxed out.

Special command: Neuralyzer

  • Fires in a straight line, causing Confusion to affected enemies causing them to attack blindly.
  • Shots fired from a stunned enemy will miss players and damage other enemies.
  • Suicide Mooks will light their fuses shortly after being stunned.
  • Certain enemies, such as Executioner, will not do anything at all.
  • Terrain-Based enemies cannot be stunned and instead blocks them.
  • Most Bosses can't be stunned.
  • Ammunitions: 3.
  • Damage: None, but since it may cause enemies to attack each other, the damage is the same as the enemy's attack.
  • Range: 16 blocks horizontally. Can be obstructed by terrain.

Melee command: Knife.


  • Speed: 1 square per second.
  • Spring: ?
  • Jump: 4-5 squares high


  • Before June 2013, his special was a sticky grenade instead of the Neuralyzer.
  • If he's spawned with a parachute, abusing the fire command can cause him to remain mid-air. This is useful during the battle with Satan's True Form when Satan is weakened to the extent that he can only launch Engorged Mooks. He can stay out of Satan's reach and allowing those Engorged Mooks to finish Satan.
  • The Neuralyzer is also a reference to Men In Black. They use it to brainwash human witnesses who saw them in action so they don't remember anything about it and thus helping the Men to remain in secret.


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