Bro Caesar
Name Bro Caesar
Parody of Hale Caesar
Released 5 August 2014
Featured in The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger expendabros/broceasar
Blood Red
Weapon M134 Minigun
Special Minigun Leap
Melee Knife

Bro Caesar is a playable character from the run 'n gun game The Expendabros.

He is based on Hale Caesar portrayed by Terry Crews in The Expendables 3.



  • Fire command: Minigun, has a large amount of recoil, rapidly accelerating Bro Caesar in the opposite direction he's shooting. While firing, he can only maintain forward momentum for a few moments before the recoil sends him flying back. Can explode corpse.
    • Damage: About 4 damage per bullet at max range and around 8 damage per bullet at point-blank. Can explodes corpses.
    • Range: 8 blocks.
    • Rate of fire: Requires a spinup time of about 0.5 seconds before it starts firing. Once spun up, fires bullets at a continuous rate. Can't be maxed out
  • Special command: Minigun Leap, Caesar propels himself into the air with his Minigun, firing several shots behind him as he flies. He slams his minigun into the ground when he lands, resulting in a shockwave that deals damage to enemies and induces Confusion. This has strange properties if used while the Minigun is recoiling Bro Caesar. He will do the move as normal, but he'll leap much higher and much farther than normal.
    • Ammunition: 5.
    • Damage:  About 5 damage per bullet. Shockwave itself deals over 35 damage.
    • Range: Propeled about 10 blocks horizontally.
  • Melee Command: Knife.

His fire command is the same as the Brominator, while his special is a variation of Bronan's one.


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