Boomer intro
Name Boomer
Type HellEnemy
Attacks Vomits acid and creates engorged mooks upon death
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce

The Boomer is a giant reanimated corpse missing its arms, eyes and ears. They have high health and can vomit streams of acid to attack the player, as well as explosively splitting into Engorged Mooks upon destruction, dealing massive damage in the process. The Boomer only appears in the Hell Campaign.


  • They are similar to the Vis from the videogame The Binding of Isaac.
  • They might be also a reference to an eponymous type of zombie encountered in the Left 4 Dead franchise developed by Valve South.
    • However, it's most likely a combination of the Boomer and the Spitter, as Boomer vomits bile, which is not directly harmful but obstructive unlike like the Spitter's acid which causes heavy damage.
  • Despite not having arms/eyes/ears, which means no sensing, the Boomer can still attack with accuracy. This means that they are vulnerable to certain attacks that mess up with sensing such as Bro in Black's neuralyzer, MacBrover's Turkey Bomb, and many more. If a grenade or anything similar lands near him, he will yell and run away in fear, however his slow speed prevents him outrunning grenades.
  • When about to detonate, the Boomer will flash red and it's mouth will be briefly open, it's body will also grow.
  • It’s texture is broken on the PS4 version of the game, and often hard to spot.

See Also

Soul Catcher - Defenseless variant with different destruction surprise.


  • The intro has a quote "Taco Hell" which may be a reference to Taco Bell.
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