Basic Mook
Mook(0) sol
Name Regular Mook
Type Mook
Attacks Rifle does 1 HP damage, range is 12 blocks
Health 3 HP
Blood Red
Featured in Rambros, Broforce Brototype, Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmook
The Basic Mook is the most common enemy in Broforce and The Expendabros. Its default spawn probability is 44%. Basic Mooks are easily identified by their black ski masks, brown shirts, brown pants and black combat boots. All mooks are armed with AK47 rifles and only fire single shots. Basic Mooks are never to be underestimated in large numbers.


Regular Mooks wander around within a few blocks until a bro stands in front of them, then an exclamation point will appear over their head and they will begin firing within two seconds. Regular mooks take 1-2 bullets/punches to kill or 1 melee attack to kill.

The reaction time and fire rate of this mook depends on difficulty.


Regular mooks have different reactions: Attack, Fear, Confusion and Curiosity.


This reaction is signified by an exclamation point above the mook's head and the rifle being in a firing stance; he will begin firing and will keep firing 1-2 shots until the player finishes the level or loses his last life.


This reaction is signified by a screaming sound and the mook running away from the source of Fear. Mooks react with Fear toward the following:
  • all grenades, including MacBrover's basic dynamite (when attached to the mook)
  • all types of fire, including B.A.'s flamethrower, Snake Broskin's molotovs and any fire caused by explosions
  • A hung, flayed corpse created by Brodator's melee attack
  • Headshots
  • Aliens


This reaction is signified by spots around the mook's head and has a duration of 8 seconds. The Mook may stand still for several seconds, or move around aimlessly. When moving around, the mook may fire his weapon in confusion, which will not hurt Bros but damage opponents. Mooks react with Confusion to the following:


This reaction is signified by a ? above the mook's head and the mook moving toward the source of Curiosity. Mooks react with Curiosity toward MacBrover's Turkey Bomb or Brodator's corpse.


  • They are the most common opponents encountered in the terrorist world.
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