B. A. Broracus
Name B. A. Broracus
Parody of B. A. Baracus
Released 23 April 2012
Featured in Rambros, Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger ba_broracus2
Blood Red
Weapon Flamethrower
Special Incendiary Grenade
Melee Head

B. A. Broracus is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He is one of the first four bros to be released on the initial game called Rambros

B. A. Broracus is based on fictional character Sergeant First Class Bosco Albert "B. A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus interpreted by Mr T in The A-Team TV series, one of the four members of the the eponymous A-Team a group of mercenaries of former Vietnam soldiers accused of a theft they didn't make.



Fire command: Flamethrower

  • Ignites flammable enemies and explodes corpses.
  • Damage: About 28 damage per second at max range. Over 50 damage per second at point-blank.
  • Range: 4 squares horizontally.
  • Rate of Fire: Continuous, can't be maxed out.
  • The flames can occasionally damage anything below him.

Special command: Incendiary Grenade

  • Explodes seconds later, dealing damage in close range and igniting flammable objects within a bigger radius.
  • The grenade can deal damage if it hits, killing smaller enemies and temporarily stunning other, stronger ones.
  • Explode corpses.
  • Causes Fear just before exploding, thus can scare away enemies, although they are usually not fast enough to outrun it.
  • Ammunition: 3.
  • Damage: Over 50 damage at center of explosion.
  • Range: Thrown at max about 11 blocks horizontally. The radius of explosion 3x3 blocks and the one of flame is 9x9 blocks. The flame can "curve" around corners and can reach far in tight spaces.

Melee Command: Headbutt

  • Knocks back
  • Cannot hit enemies at point-blank range.
  • Damage: 4 damage per headbutt.
  • Range: 1 block.
  • Rate of Fire: About 4 headbuttes per second.


  • Speed: 4 squares per second.
  • Spring: 5 squares per second.
  • Jump: 5 squares high.



  • Before 2013, he used a shotgun but it got exchanged with Brodell Walker's flamethrower.
  • The character is interpreted by Quinton Jackson in a movie but this parody doesn't seem to be based on him since he wears gold necklace.
  • The original character is notorious for his fear of flying but this parody shows no problem with the Chopper, an aerial vehicle.
  • In the original series, the protagonists never killed any characters. But in this game, killing is absolutely necessary.

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