Name Animal
Type Animal
Attacks none
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce, The Expendabros
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/pig

The Animal is a pig in the games Broforce and The Expendabros. It is completely harmless and can be walked on.


  • Brommando seemed to love riding pigs, as in the launch trailer and after Satan blows up in smithereens. However, aside from the flying pig exploit, a player can't ride a pig.
  • A well known glitch (Known as "The Incredible Flying Pig") consists to use the melee attack on its corpse repeatedly to effectively fly across the map, since the knife slightly propels the corpse in the air and still has enough underblow to actually hit the pig. But as of the most recent update, only bros that has a knife slash melee attack will work.
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