The Ammo Crate is an item available after completing the first covert operation, in which Rambro must acquire some ammunition captured by terrorists. They also appear in said covert operation. To demonstrate their abilities, Rambro starts with no special. The ammo crates randomly spawn after being unlocked.

Ammo Crates appear with an American flag on them, they are pretty common compared to other crates. When destroyed, they reveal an ammunition refill. If they are picked up when the Bro's special is not full or depleted, it will restore to full regardless. A special exception is Bro Max, in which he starts with one special and cannot pick up more if his special is not empty, but if he picks up an ammo crate without collecting his thrown boomerang then he collects his thrown boomerang, he will have two and vice versa until it reaches 5. If the bro's special is full, the ammunition refill will be unable to be picked up, instead, a message will display, showing "Ammo Full !", telling the player to spend some special before picking one. Another is Brolander, as picking up one will restore only one special instead of replenishing to full, which is 4.

These crates can also appear in a rectangular form, albeit when they are destroyed only one pickup is revealed, as with other ammo crates.

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