The Airstrike is a type of attack in-game.

Usually they are called upon when a Bro moves past a certain point in the map.

They are perfect of catching rushing players off-guard.

Upon impact, they explode, dealing area damage.


  • Airstrikes are subjects of causing friendly fire, which means it can kill other terrorists/aliens/demons.
  • Each airstrike comprises a large shell that is identical to ones launched by the Artillery Truck.
  • They usually fly diagonally, and there will usually be a red line along with a cross to hint it's location.
  • Airstrike shells cannot be destroyed, however it is possible to deflect them.
  • Usually, an airstrike only occurs once. Meaning that once the airstrike is conducted, it will never occur again. However rarely some are specifically arranged to be conducted multiple times.
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