Acid Crawler
Name Acid Crawler
Type AlienGiantSandWorm
Attacks Spit body dissolving acid
Health 150
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/alienminiboss sandworm

The Acid Crawler is a large recurring opponent and one of three alien sandworms encountered in Broforce. Like the Broodworm and the Terrorkrawler, the Acid Crawler only appears at certain points in the game.


  • The Acid Crawler acts as a recurring mid-boss in the game.
  • You will meet at least three of them.
  • When encountered, players are tasked with destroying it for any progress. However the third one can be skipped with some tactics.
  • The crawler will proceed to spew torrents of acid towards the player in an effort to dissolve them at a slow fire rate, about one per 1.5 seconds.
  • Each acid glob splits into three separate smaller clumps after contact with a solid object is made.
  • Like other sandworms, the Acid Crawler is weak against grenades thrown at the mouth since it will eat it.
  • It can alternatively be dispatched by firing at it from underground, where its acid attack is rendered temporarily ineffective for a longer period due to the terrain shielding the players.



  • The Acid Crawler's sandworm nature may be a reference to either the sandworms from the Dune universe or the Graboids from the Tremors film and TV series.
  • The crawler may also be a reference to the mid-boss of the final mission of the original Contra video game.
  • The basis for the crawler's design bears a resemblance to the Xenomorphs of the Alien film series.
  • If it eats MacBrover's turkey bomb and it explodes, it's entire head will be smashed into smithereens.
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